1. dutchmeat

    Dirty Bomb, a new game by SplashDamage

    http://www.dirtybombgame.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0p_bQ5jIyNo Looks really nice, I think I'm getting this.
  2. omnomnom

    Trollin' Dirty

    They see me trollin They hatin Patrolling they tryin to catch me trollin dirty Tryin to catch me trollin dirty Tryin to catch me trollin dirty Tryin to catch me trollin dirty Tryin to catch me trollin dirty My troll so loud I'm spammin They hopin that they gon catch me double postin Tryin to...
  3. Kasey

    Xbox dirty disc error

    Does anybody know how to fix that dirty disc error without buying anything? Where the xbox doesnt read any discs anymore. Or can it be fixed the same way as the PS2 disc read error? Help would be nice.
  4. DJ-Ready

    Dirty Sakura [WIP]

    So.. yeah. I decided to do a sakura redesign for that model contest :) Not too much stuff left to do I think... Decided to go for some kind of more comical style, not exactly sure how to describe it. 2130 Polies Didnt use any concept for her exept some fanarts for the basic shape of the hair...
  5. S

    Dirty (original prose)

    im guessing this is where writing belongs at lesay but the shell kinda attracted no attention so im a bit confused. either way, here ya go: http://www.deviantart.com/view/7996885/ i admit its a bit long, but i like it that way. tell me what ya think, comments and crits appreciated the ending...
  6. Death The Jedi

    Man with a dancing headcrab..

    quality sucks, and don't ask what the flashing whit things are... I just thought it looked kinda cool. The round grey thing on his head is the crosshair I was using when I too the screen shots..
  7. T

    its a me mario!

    credits to j for the gloves, and special thanks to crackerjack for the head model!!! a luigi will follow very soon... j is making one 10X better so his will probably replace this one..
  8. E

    New Model For Elemental-Fusion...

    i forgot polycount, ill get it in a sec freeza saga goku if u didnt guess lol i have alot more to show if ur interested
  9. [SAS]Orion

    Newest simple sig

    I'm using it in agct now :D edit: looks like i'm using it here too oO
  10. D

    Here's a new Sig I made for one of my Friends

    What do you guys think?
  11. R

    anroid17(GOTTO SEE)

    here is my new model and one of my greatest to updates soon here ya go http://www.bidforpower.com/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=557062
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    I need some ideas!!!

    hey give me some ideas on things to do like cd covers package designs something commercial.