1. S

    im new im have some difficulties

    hey guys,im new to ESF and im trying to install and i know u probably heard this before but, i have CSS and im trying to install i dont know how to, i try to assign it to a folder and it wont let me install so it kinda sucks. Please reply to this ASAP, -SomaCruz00
  2. W

    Running ESF difficulties

    Hi, when trying to run a new game, everything seems to go well i.e, reading bot names etc.. check.. until it reaches "map change failed : 'c0a0' not found on server. I can run CS and normal halflife and the version i've installed is a CS 1.5 (so maybe i need to update to 1.6?) however i've...
  3. Lone Wolf

    Frist drawing with pen tool

    lol I did this for fun... I was trying out the pen tool. Its the first time I used it... so... I had some difficulties >.< Anyone wanna show me how to use the pen tool correctly? >.< Crtiz and comments :P
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