1. GATE Elemental

    Friend/foe diamonds over player

    Guys, my friend just stumbled upon a weird bug here, he can't see diamonds over players head, not even on spec, changing cam modes, nor playing, in any created server... Yes it is marked on advanced settings and still no go. He reported that he can see those diamonds on listen server, but...
  2. J

    Getting the "Diamonds" over the heads back

    The question might have been answered before, if so, I couldn't find it; How do you get the green and red diamonds over the head of the modles back :scared: -- My brother was messing around on my account and I cant figure out a way of getting the "diamonds" back!?! O_O Maybe one of you guys...
  3. Son-Goku

    No Kiblobs, Diamonds, Powerup Rocks

    I have noticed a serious problem with ESF 1.2.3 My system: Pentium 4 1,8Ghz, 512 RAM, Geforce 2 Go (MX 100/200 Chip) I'm running the newest version of NVIDIAS drivers (66.93) and I use ESF with CS1.6. I don't see any kiblobs, no diamonds over players heads and also no 3D power up rocks...
  4. C

    my damn diamonds..

    ok idk if it was mr.satans server or what..but i joined there..and my diamonds were gone...i put them back on...and it was fine for a no big prob..but then after like 5 mins they were gone i put them back on..and now they keep dissapearing after about 5-10 mins of...
  5. P

    Milkshape 3D

    Allright. Im a very very newcomer for this program. All i can do so far is draw circles and so on. I dont have anything to show off. All i want to know is if any of you know a good tutorial for very very bad beginners. If ya do just post em ther. Thanx My thought of the day: Diamonds are...
  6. [SSj]~Piccolo


    Now that I can play against bots, I did so quite some time. It's great! But there is one disadvantage about those diamonds floting over everybody's heads: If you are flying closely over an enemy (to punch him or something) you cannot see what he does because aof the diamond. Maybe it should be...