1. Killface

    Running dial up on 2 computers, simultaneously

    I have 2 computers sharing the same dial up connection and i was wondering, is there a program that allows you to browse the net on 2 computers at the same time, with the same dial-up internet connection?
  2. Killface

    dial up

    I have Netzero Highspeed 3G dialup internet and im only getting an internet connection of only 28.8kbps at best, usually 26.4k. So is their anything that I could do to get a faster connection or a program that i could get to speed up my connection?
  3. C

    Pay 100 Dollars a Month for DIAL up...I dont think so?STOP THIS NONSENSE

    TELKOM - Most expensive ISP In the intire WORLD. And is the only one in South Africa. Telkom,A south african surface provider.(Only one currenlty in south africa)charges 6 times MORE then what is charged overseas. Please if you have time please take 5 seconds and just fill in your...