1. Mkilbride

    Developers claim costs for developing for next gen consoles will "double" Hmm, gee, that's weird. PC titles for years have been putting out better textures and higher polygon models, and they primarily sold for less. What a bunch of bull****. This just in: X720...
  2. shadowcast

    A story I've been developing in my head :P

    So this is the basic structure of the story, from which I will try to shape into a well put story :P Name of planet: Rahnos Dominant species: Thorloks 3 leading factions: Mah'Thar Mah'Dhar Mah'Lhar I I I...
  3. A

    I need some help developing. please

    so i made my first program (some kind of web browser) it was kinda easy n stuff since i had very good instructions on how to make it but now what? where was only instructions for on so what do i do now?
  4. J

    A new Mod :)

    Well. I am leading a new mod. It is under private developing right now and not released to public. But I was getting bored so I desided to share with u guys the MODs HUD copy link to ur address bar to see :) well post what you think. its for...
  5. [SAS]Orion

    Beginner at work!

    yes I bought myself a camera! I know I don't know much about taking photographs, in fact I know nothing apart from point and shoot, making my photographs lack composition and clarity o_O Anyway, i'd like to show this shot of some greenery near my house (there's not much to shoot in my town...
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    my animation

    well i havent worked on this in a long time but im slowly developing the fight scene
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