1. Zeonix

    Remember Mars? Me Neither, Part Deux.

    This forum seems to get ****ed every day, so the original thread died. Let's try this again. Hey boys and girls! They found liquid water on Mars, in the form of water drops. Good ****, right? Source: So yeah, not...
  2. ZeroNightmare

    Guitar Help - Part Deux!

    Ok been learning guitar and what not and I'm gonna go buy my own set of stuff. I knoew a few people here play guitar and I'd like some opinions on which set to buy. I've pretty much narrowed it down to these 3. I'm most inclined towards option one. ps.... and if anyone could tell me the...
  3. Deman

    Sig Makers List. Part Deux

    I'm unsticking the old thread and letting it sink to the bottom, as I'm certain that many of the old sig makers are no longer around. PM or any of the other Artwork mods if you want back on the list, or if you're a new guy wanting on it! Do a service to your fellow ESFers! List: Spunky -...
  4. KidMan

    Moving and Shooting! Part Deux

    Been think this over and trying to make it work, so here is the new re-vamped idea of mine. Say someone is swooping away from you or you are trying to get away from them but they are just too good for you. Well now if you want to make sure you can get away or catch the person you should be able...
  5. Sicron

    The Google Game, part deux.

    Well, just the simple game: Go to Google and enter your forum name there. Post the amount of results you get in this thread. Let's see who has the most unique name of 2006! (And, who has the least unique name with the most results :p) Sicron: 851 results
  6. P

    Deux 2: Blah blah.

    Oh dear, for anyone who has yet to have your eyes burned out while haveing someone kick you over and over in the balls yet, get the demo of DX2. Is it just me, or does this game scream "Xbox" I love the way Ion storm have gone the route of makeing DX2 an xbox game, then throwing it over...
  7. Demi-Shadow

    Shadow Sig - Part Deux

    Ok, decided to remake the shadow sig with a new font and some different effects.. well, different to my usual effects :D *First one remade again* Not sure which one to use, I like them both.. but they are different effects (slightly different). At the moment i'm swaying towards the...