1. Growler

    Bad Car Designs-

    This is a game my dad and I play... it's kind of off the wall, but we went to a car show once and saw some stupid lookin' cars... And my mom's car... for instance, has all of the side mirror controls in the center of the console of the car, and when you put your stuff there, it rearranges the...
  2. I

    Character Designs

    Here are some quick sketches of a character for an upcoming mod that i might develop. (more details at version 1: version 2: theyr not perfect and i did em at school today sooo ya :) But u can still get the feel of the character. I might take the first...
  3. Shao

    Signatures and really cool designs

    I've noticed a lot of you have some awesome looking signatures with sweet backgrounds. I just got Photoshop CE (version 8) but I'm not sure if the filters you guys use are in there. Are they default filters from Photoshop that you use, or do you get plug-ins? If you use plug-ins, can they...
  4. Silver.Nikan.

    My Creative Day

    I've made some cool things, I'm proud of my work.. Rate them plz ( This is no rip work , everything is made by me ) Also Check my new Sig & Ava :laff:
  5. E

    Underwater Lizard

    I made this underwater lizard + background scene for a challenge at . Took me three days for the lizard and two days for the background. Everything done in maya 4.5. P.S.: I made the model 7 months ago but never posted it here before.
  6. ultrassj_vegeta

    Blue thingy thingo

  7. ultrassj_vegeta


    tryin to make a kinda 2d 3d sense.. if ya kno wat i mean?.. no.. ok..
  8. Escobar

    Wogasm Designs

    heres a look at my latest design, i think it came out well, wot do you guys at home think? :p oh btw thanks to naz for the idea of i guess the poster layout and the stars :yes:
  9. A

    Which program is best for 3d artork?

    Exactly like the title says. What do you thing the best program to make 3d designs is?:D
  10. Wangster

    lol, i dont know what i made

    lol, i dont know what it is, but its something that is bud ugly, so i want to share this "thing" any crits on this budugly thing?
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    niea experiments (wP)

    i suppose i should explain the name. the character designer for serial experiments lain also came up with the character designs for niea_7(niea under seven). so i decided to mix the characters aswell as the name.
  12. S

    SIg~ rate Plz

    This is mA third n Prob my best sig yet. wat chuZ think?? o_o o_o
  13. E

    Execrated Designs // Wallpaper

    Execrated Designs = a small art group witch holds, naz, LynX( aka Eclipse ) , and me This wallpaper was made by naz and me ... Comments ? ( and no the background isn't black, it has a 3D wave in it behind it, barely seeable though... )
  14. C

    designs below Messages

    how do you guys Get your names in cool designs below your posts?
  15. B

    Some Photomanip Art

    Heres some cars i have Manipulated in Photoshop not to sure if it classes as art but hey. Pug 206:- Opel Corsa C:- Scroll to your left ;) Some comments please people. BrunO
  16. VivaLaPineapple

    I need some ideas!!!

    hey give me some ideas on things to do like cd covers package designs something commercial.
  17. p5yCh0

    Digital Defect

    heres some real art, well not really, but its better than all this sig posting