1. Skyrider

    [REQ] FileFront Clan Website Designer

    Can anyone here help me with the FileFront Clan Website Layout? We already have partly of the menu, here is the preview of that. We are wanting to have someone who can make the layout that fits that menu: More info: (I know this is rather...
  2. K

    Game Designer Needs Ideas

    Hey guys, I code massive multiplayer online video games in my spare time, most often Fantasy based RPGs, however I've decided to create a new game. One that is different, one that stands out.... and I would like some ideas. I call the game "Perfection". Perfection: :The player...
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    niea experiments (wP)

    i suppose i should explain the name. the character designer for serial experiments lain also came up with the character designs for niea_7(niea under seven). so i decided to mix the characters aswell as the name.
  4. T

    hello all

    ey peeps im new in the esf forums but i played it afcourse :) well im a learning modeleren and pro art designer i can need some help with modeling so if u are trying to help me just replay here thx.

    this request is interesting...but hard 2 do

    i was wanderin if some 1 who knows who Crono is.....could u make a model of him?if u can i ask that u r really good at modelin and could i make him have his sword?well if u can do it i ask u PLEASE do and post it here 2 k.well tell me if u can do it it might take some time but so did all the...
  6. P

    what modeleditor are easyist

    what modeleditor are the easyist ? plz say it !
  7. E

    Searching Piccolo

    Hi I'm searching a new model of Piccolo for his transformation I think it is better when gets a new look when he transforms please send one or say where I can download one!!! PS: Sorry for my English
  8. B


    NoOdLeS and I want to try to design Broli but we dont have the model designer where can we download it ?
  9. VivaLaPineapple

    need some advice(layout)

    im stuck what else should i do with this