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Jan 14, 2003
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Hey guys,

I code massive multiplayer online video games in my spare time, most often Fantasy based RPGs, however I've decided to create a new game. One that is different, one that stands out.... and I would like some ideas. I call the game "Perfection".

:The player chooses a user name and password, and then enters in a genetic code of 10 some odd digits. eg. 1asud86sdj, and an NPC is created based on the code. The NPC may become a 50 foot tall fire breathing cricket, a human like warrior who transforms and can shoot beams of energy from his hands.:smile: Possibly a tiny human possesing cat like reflexs, and incredible regeneration. Maybe a walking dog like creature who can harness the forces of Magik. An ethereal spirit who can steal other creatures abilities perhaps? So the player creates this creature, and the goal is to be the most dominant creature on the planet. Through the genetic code the character can customize things such as:
-Transportation (Flying, Walking, Swimming, Speed, Climbing)
-Reproduction (1 Child, 10000 children, needs mate, hermaphroditic)
-Attacks (Energy beams, claws, magik, machines)
-Defense (Shell, Exoskeleton, Burrowing)
-Physical Traits (Size, shape, # of limbs)
-Mental Traits (Intelligence Level, Personallity, Quickness)
-Spirit Traits (Religion, Ki Control)
-Resources (What is eats, what it drinks, what else it needs to survive)

Once a year(game year) or some time period, a player will be able to change 1 digit in the genetic code, thus evolving their creation. Perhaps once a game week, a player could change 1 digit of the genetic code for one of their creatures, sorta as a test.

The never ending goal is to create "perfection". One lifeform which will thrive above the rest and control the world.

Personally I think a game like this would be really fun, and I would love to play against friends. A game would have the possibility of lasting forever, atleast if I code it well enough, and will have the ability to save and start again sometime later. One of the best aspects would be, if I release it to the public (instead of having it based on my server alone) would be custom modifications. People creating new worlds, quests, objects ect.., and a player being able to simple copy their genetic code from one game and transfer their creature to a new game world.

One other thing I would include would be a config.cfg file, which would allow other servers to customize game features such as:
-Disease (creatures would die based on genetic code variety, thus hermaphridic characters although reproducing quickly, may become extinct if a disease appears)
-Climate (Chemicals in atmosphere, eg. remove oxygen and players will have to adapt creatures to the change)

Balance would be controlled by each chromosome possessing a positive and negative trait thus making each choice crucial. Examples:
1) Regeneration (incredible healing, but burned by sunlight)
[Very good for night hunting creatures]
2) Flame Breath (good at dealing with enemies, however creature can't travel through water)
[Very food for dragons]
3) Burrow (creature remains safe under the surface, however is blinded by sunlight when it becomes difficult to locate food on the surface) THUS....
[Good for weaker creatures, however requires other chromosomes to survive]
4) Enhanced Smell (creatures can detect food and predators without the use of sight, however creatures sight becomes weakened)
[Good for blind creatures since they wouldn't lose anything, and would gain the ability to detect even hidden predators and prey]

Besides changing chromosomes of creatures the player, will be able to wonder around the world without affecting anything. Will be able to view charts depicting various game stats (Most dangerous predators, Most plentiful species) as well as a food chain chart. Perhaps an arena will be created where two players can pit creatures against each other.

What I would like is ideas in general, aswell as in some specific areas, mainly in what a player could do while waiting to change a creature chromosome.

Any input would be appreciated.

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