1. M

    Yamcha the Desert Bandit

    Some clothes for Yamcha so he looks like he did in the beginning of Dragonball. Also, long hair. If you really want to make it different, there could be sword mechanics like Trunks, as Yamcha used one.
  2. Mkilbride

    China building structures that look eerily like 1600 Penn. Avenue in Desert
  3. Damaera


    Just thought I'd post this here just for kicks. Basically I started to work on this map mid april and got semi-decently far but lost motivation to complete it (also because I thought it looked like a piece of **** XD) Here's some picsssssssss: I may go around and finish this one...
  4. Barney

    Desert Toilet

    I posted the toilet in the simple render thread so I wanted to show the final render. I love how it came out personally.
  5. G

    MAP - African Desert - Military Base (not DBZ related)

    UnrealED engine used! ------- I’m really lazy and dunno if this forum allows more then 10 pictures to be posted so you can go here and watch the 2nd and 3rd pages that contains a total of 34 pictures I will respect any crit...
  6. TeKNiK

    Gaara of the Desert.

    :o polycount is 2092 triangles. It's for a mod that a friend and I started a couple of months ago. Critz/Comments.
  7. S

    Desert Eagle ::

    I never modeled a gun before =P it's for a HL2 Mod called RedBlood. 1215 poly's. Wallpaper picz0r ^^ Any good skinmappers out there? you'd be my hero!
  8. Enix

    Desert Sun Timmy CG [WIP]

    With permission from david i started a CG of his "timmysgonnagetcha" picture . As you all should know, most CGs start wih Lineart :p. Well heres the Line art wip: And a color test to see how the colors david picked will look like on it: C&C?
  9. S

    desert sun concepts, yada yada

    yeah might get round to doing it sumday but untill then im gonna be doin the concepts, here's sum characters.... im trying to develop my style too at the same time though, its hard :( latest of timmy, wondering about his combat weapons this is ricky, eh, he's a lil mean in this 1 i...
  10. S

    battlefield 1942, desert combat.. help

    ok, i go into a desert combat svere and everything works fine cuz i installed everything the irght way, but actualy one thing is messed up, the whole map is basically gray for me except the planes and the guns, anyone know whats wrongg. If you are wondering what my video card is, its Radeon...
  11. S

    desert sun sig :S

    ok, i made a desert sun sig, for my upcoming web comic :p, but im not sure if its any good, it doesnt look right to me, any suggestions?
  12. S

    Desert sun, magic effects, crits please....

    well im experimenting with styles for the magic effects for my new comic, just wonder what u think of them, here u go: this is the same but ive changed sumthing, take a look:
  13. Marauder

    Desert Scorp

    update :o u might need to copy past :P
  14. G

    esf_pyramid_v1 I got bored again so i made this map check it out comments always welcome
  15. Optional

    a map...

    well, i got bored so i made sands! i deleted the rock area cause it look odd adding ruins and an underground tomb... what you guys think?
  16. A

    Desert training area.

    I think it was the Saiyan Saga... When piccolo was training Gohan to get ready for whoever was coming (sure it was vegeta and nappa) But it was like a desert area with lots of stone platforms and cliffs etc. just popped into me head.
  17. D

    Check in station W.I.P

    im (very slowly) working on a map for esf, its of the check in station, where you go when you die here is my refence photo: im still a noob to mapping so dont expect anything fancy, im thinking of making it scaled down because i think the...
  18. R

    Map Quality

    I dont know if this is the right forum to post this, but this is a map question, as im hearing, there will be very huge maps in the next version, or just scaled down models, "whateva", anyways, in huge maps like cellgames or something, when i fly to top of the map in clouds, i cant see the...
  19. F

    Is there Cells destroyed arena?

    Is there a map of cell fighting arena? i mean after it has been destoyed from Cell? Coz i wannw try doing my first map for esf, and i don´t want doing any maps that already exist.
  20. [ESF]zero

    desert, a new map and more to come

    pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 the sky is only for testing it will be changed, and the layout is not for certain but this will give u a good idea :) let me know what u think