1. I

    Ascend, Descend, Ascend = lose hp O_o

    If your ascended (with trunks) and you descend and then ascend again you lose 1 hp. I don't know if its the same with other characters cause i've only tried this with trunks. Its not really a problem unless you do it 100 times but a bug none the less so i posted it anyway :] .
  2. N

    Why descend ?

    I've been wondering since I first saw that you can descend, after gaining that ssj level or whatever character you're playing (except krillin). So why in the world would one want to lower his/her power level ? I'd say it made sense if you used ki to stay in ssj form (quite much like in the...
  3. Denominator

    Ascend and descend question when having ssj3

    ok heres the question, you have the pl for ssj3 in say the next.. beta2 or something, you want to descend.. will you be brought down ONE level each time you tap 'x'? or straight to normal? ALSO. If you acquire ssj3 transformation powerlevel .. then you transform and eventually die, will you...
  4. S

    Let Krillin Descend!!!!! Ss_vegeta!!

    lol ya the phone booth crap but also LET KRILLIN DESCEND CAUSE THATS ONE OF THE BEST HIGHLIGHTS OF THE GAME TO DESCEND AND ASCEND AGAIN instead of stay in a boring old transformation for the whole game. i love descending trunks then acsending at a ki of 300000 cause his hair pops out of nowhere...