1. Gama


    happy bday man have a good one get drunk woot woot
  2. Denz

    Dendza's art stack num...what?

    k I'm back with 10ooo drawings I will select my favorite this time hope you like them and no you cant use anything from them, my ideas, my designs, my sweat, my tm's on them! now the good part
  3. Enix

    Happy B-Day Dendza!

    I hope its ur B-day. If its not, joo lied :shocked:. And I got a hot chick for ya: Oh yea, secseh! :laff:
  4. S

    Skinning Dendza's Frieza

    I'll be attempting the skin to dendza's great final form frieza model...however a small problem has come up. Look here, the model I redid the skinmap for (which is later imported for the QC compiling) is on the right of screenshot, and the model viewing after the compiling is on the...
  5. Denz

    Dendza's art stack 2

    YUPI!!! And again my friends u can see my artwork on teh forums:D credits: Dendza Ivan (friend from my class) Djura (the old guy <_<) p.s. Sorry 4 teh small pics :p
  6. Denz

    Dendza's NEW SIG!Heh!

    How do u like my new signature and that text threading,threading.....? And this is the face reactions,face : (1)What tha? (2)Hm (3)Hihihi (4)Grrrrr (5)RAAAAAA! (6)Ohhh! Tell me what U think : *edit* About the poll it's a JOKE!vote if the sig and stuff is good or bad.(if u dont...
  7. Denz

    Dendza's ART stack!!!

    My friendz and me were in classroom and tha teach wz like "blabla" we were bored (like always) and wanted 2 show ya all something and it goes like this: this iz my: this made me friend Marko or Doodl: this is Ivan's (I call him Ivanhoe): and again: O and again me heh: ps:Ivan...
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