1. X

    esf_mid.bsp Help!!

    im having problems with the esf_mid.bsp map... every time i go in it i get: WARNING: texture lump "asphalt_road-5" not found WARNING: texture lump "canyoncliff-2" not found WARNING: texture lump "grass_dirt-1" not found I CAN go in it but it's all messed up once im in.. does anyone...
  2. C

    First desktop...

    was mucking around after watching bloodlust and did this. I know its kinda basic but i almost got the look i was going for...was suppposed to have a cross shaded into the right side above his head but i kinda deleted the layer by accident :cry...
  3. B

    Map pack dissapear?

    Once on, I downloaded a ESF Map pack. But now, I want to download it again, but I can't find it anymore! Can somebody teel me where I can find it?
  4. G

    Kid Buu Skin

    I made a kid buu model about 4 days ago, I liked the model and tried to get it skinned, it was not that bad but I am looking for a better skin. I am looking for a skinner to skin this model. There are pictures at Another thing this is a completely different model than...
  5. Es_Trunks2

    Bebi pack update thread

    alright heres what i got done so far,i've reskinned vegeta and deleted his hair and now i need to make new hair but i'm gobnna wait for this because i'mm on vacation and i dont wanna work i'll post mroe mdoel updates onnthis threqad and wont make anymroe threads :fight:
  6. MaX

    esf_buu screens

    i had to reinstall me puter so i lost the buu map.. but im into modeling and animations so pay atttention there. looks for thread in models/skins called. 1stanimations on my 1st model. :D screen are deleted.. Sooooorrryyyyyy......
  7. Ultraq

    ma animation!!

    Hi .. i think this goes in models forum even thu it doesn't say animations, it only says models/skins but yeah anyway .. i am basically new to animating, this is my first animation EVER ... well not really first ever .. i strated it the day before yester day, but then i discovered some...
  8. R

    testing my sig

    testing testing testing
  9. Optional


    when i change my map to .dxf and .map it doesnt compile into a .bsp...can any1 help?(im using zoner's compile tools with valve hammer) anyone whats wrong??
  10. L

    Why was my SMX thread deleted?

    i just got back from seeing Spider-Man and the thread is deleted? why? it wasn't locked or moved, so why was it deleted?
  11. Chimpbot

    Trunks head

    The first one was closed for a reason.
  12. M

    Some Oldschool TFB Models with a new touch!

    Hey all long time no see, this is my old school Goku model from way back, Hibiki may remember them and some other old TFB Fans. I was bored so I decided to give them alittle tweaking mainly the chest and gave him a nice new belt ;D
  13. S

    Metro-Tek Bebi Vegeta

    Dude your post got deleted... Where is it,, did you finished the model?
  14. Some1_Call_911


    W00t I'm currently working on a ESF map that takes place on an asteroid or meteor. Pieces of the meteor can be destroyed and there are other meteors to fight on floating around the map. Not an arena or teamplay map, but a large free-for-all map. I will post a link to download it when it's...