1. S

    i dont now how to make a model

    can someone teach me how to make a model?o_o
  2. M

    Default control problems

    Im using my default control and yet i cant seem to either attck with my melee attacks and how do you transform whats the button. is there some patch that can change this since this is really annoying i cant seem to find out the problem
  3. S

    DakD please read

    i have downloaded your ssj3 goku but when i put it in to the game and i transform with goku he became huge like a giant how can i fix this ?:S
  4. V

    aahhh!! someone help me

    can someone tell me a link for the skin of cell 2 cause i downloaded a skin for him but it was the wrong skin and he came out all big and ugly.plz plz someone tell me a link for cell 2.:cry:
  5. R

    default Perfect Cell model messed up

    my pcell model looks screwed up, is it me or is everyone's like this?
  6. Ultraq

    ma animation!!

    Hi .. i think this goes in models forum even thu it doesn't say animations, it only says models/skins but yeah anyway .. i am basically new to animating, this is my first animation EVER ... well not really first ever .. i strated it the day before yester day, but then i discovered some...
  7. G

    default keys?

    not sure how much of a big this is but, none of the defult keys does are what they should be. ok movement is, and attack is. the others arent. and when the game kicks me (see other thread) they all go back to thier default, that dosent work.
  8. S

    Which site?

    Which site do you guys like better? This one at Http:// or..