1. The Deco

    Decrease alcohol tolerance?

    So, after years of casual drikning, it seems I have built a strong tolerance for alcohol, it seems I need to drink 2-4 X the times I used to not too long ago. Why it annoyes me? Increased health damage and well, the money. So I thought to myself, if I was not to drink for a month, will my...
  2. Skyrider

    New feature added: Weekly 5% decrease of #1 high-scores.

    To make the arcade more challenging and fun for others, I've set up an automated system that'll decrease the high-score of the person that is on #1 of the game by 5%. It'll be done weekly, on a Monday. I know that the idea is to beat people's high-scores (as I've been pointed out). But it beats...
  3. J-Dude

    Graphics Cards: Massive Price decrease, or am I missing something?

    Decided I ought to see how the market has changed since I last looked for a new card, since there might be a chance that mine is dying (or the power supply). And as I browse, trying to see where my 7950gt stands (couldn't find it on Newegg) I see some strange inconsistencies in...
  4. S

    gravity chamber

    i want to make a map so when u go into the gravity chamber it slowly increases your ki, i would also like 2 attach a switch that controls the gravity so u can increase/decrease it. If this is possible and you can help it would be very much appreciated.
  5. Neon


    ok i made an avater for my sig but it says that my avater is too big when i load it, and its too big when i host it too... what should i do? dont tell me to make it smaller cuz i tried and its still too big!!
  6. Cold Steel

    I beg of you guys.

    Normally i don't make requests but here goes. The maps that have been created so far where small or have water in it. And my crappy voodoo card can't handle the water. So i'm asking one of you "cool" mappers to create a map without water that is pretty huge. There's one thing i haven't seen yet...
  7. D

    hi make a model plz

    hi would anyone make a gohan model with sayajin armor and a ssj of the model cuz im gonna use it in beta
  8. M

    Power Level Decrease?!

    Just wondering, what makes your power level decrease besides being at really low health? I was playing for a while today with bots, and my power level was around 500+ mil (w/ SSJ & Turbo), and after I got killed, my power level dropped around 50 mil! Every time I got killed I gradually got...