1. DarktoothDKD


    Hey everybody! For the past month whilst working on ESF, Tenken and I have been working on another project for the Android phone! And this is our very first game and we are looking for your support, comments, anything to help us make you guys more awesome games! Our first game is called, The...
  2. DarktoothDKD

    Darktooth Needs your Help!!

    http://www.nbcsandiego.com/around_town/debates/#gB vote Basic Urban Kitchen + Bar its for my cousin in San Diego to win. GO GO GO!
  3. DarktoothDKD

    Darktooth Needs your Help!!

    http://www.nbcsandiego.com/around_town/debates/#gB vote Basic Urban Kitchen + Bar its for my cousin in San Diego to win. GO GO GO!
  4. wheres_


    Everyone, hats off to Darktooth right now. The work you've done for ESF 1.3 is simply amazing, nothing short of it. You seriously rock. That is all.
  5. Dalte89

    Darktooth's birthday

    Im not sure if im right but it says your birth day is today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Go on with your bad self!! ;D
  6. N

    Small request for darktooth! and whoever

    I didn't realize how smooth the smooth flying animations where untill I used an analog stick for analog movement. Boy is it nice to see... um my small request is for their to be a walking animation for when you are walking with an aura on (when your walking with the boost toggle on). Like in...
  7. Y

    Congratulations Darktooth!

    Finally an esf developer has completed his job, that mean we are getting closer to the release :yes: , anyway, thx for keeping the dev journal updated regulary and for... just... working. u know ... U ROCK :laff:
  8. S

    Darktooth's Journal Entry 2/05/04

    Look at that. First Combo in game and it looks good as it is, and it hasn't even been 'perfected', yet. I wonder what you all think? Just think about it, on top of the sound update's, to go with the game, there's practically a sound for everything you do which kinda increases the fun and the...
  9. Delusional

    1.2 questions and one for DarkTooth

    i have alot of questions: 1.How do u retaliate during a fight(Enemy's attacking u how do u attack back) 2.Will we have the abillity to walljump really fast into an enemy and meele them? 3.What will buu's bodypart be like 4.Will people have "unique" attacks in meele (Ex: trunks sword, goku's...
  10. Kreshi

    My fist own Model!!! Only animations and Skeleton are by Darktooth!

    Hiiiiiiiiii :D My first model is finished in ssj- form! It relplaced ssj- trunks... the normal sj- version isn´t finished jet.. give me some crits please :D Pics: The download- link will come soon Please tell me also how the sj- version can look like^^ :D
  11. AscensionX

    Darktooth, Read This Now

    Foreword- hey seriously wtf is going on with your moderators. They have shut down three of my threads in the modelling forum, I just re-read the rulez about posting and I don't see anything in there that justifies it. *gives finger to 'models forum' moderators*-the ones that shut my posts...
  12. FreeDoM

    Darktooth's Creation

    Here's an aura that DT was playing around with.
  13. L

    Darktooth's new pic question?

    Was just wondering, do you get hurt if your caught in the blast or is their a certain radius of damage?
  14. Big Bang Attack

    Darktooth star lit night

    thats sweet just 3 questions 1) can u select night or day map 2) is this so for every map 3) IS THAT THE MOON cause it looks cool i thought when i first saw it SPirt Bomb because its so bright BUT thats cool
  15. S

    Darktooth's new screens

    Just wanted to ask Darktooth if he was using a 56k modem when taking the buu screenshot. I noticed a 196ms in the corner which would be great if it was on 56k.
  16. L

    Evil Buu?????????

    Darktooth posted pics of Evil Buu, but normally evil Buu is pink like fat buu or kid buu and is this form the form when fat buu is splitted up into the good (fat) buu and the evil (thin) buu?
  17. S

    Darktooth's animations

    Wow! the new beta will be great! the animations are so cool! good work Darktooth!!! :) really, good work!
  18. G

    To Darktooth

    the SSj3 goku model is pretty good i guess one thing when they go ssj3 there eyebrows disappear :D
  19. fatmanterror

    Question for Darktooth

    hey since ur the animator here can u tell me how to resize models usin milkshape? i know how to make a new skeleton but i think i would have to make all new animations for it wouldnt i?
  20. M


    Hey Darktooth when are you going to update your Dev Jounal with al the pics of the game I think everybody wants to see them (espacially i want ) (sorry for my bad english)