1. |Da|K|


    hmmm made somethin new..... CRITZ... p.s this is all photoshop no 3d programs :-D
  2. |Da|K|

    z3r0 an DaK colab poster

    hey guy me an z3r0 did a colab for the fun of it i did all the 3d an airbrushing he did all the grunge look :-D watchu think? CRIZT AN COMMENTS PLZ
  3. |Da|K|

    Wogasm&dak to getha

    hey guy me an wogasm teamed up... wogs did 3d render i did all the airbrushin soo CRITZ!
  4. Hawki_ice

    Hawki's (dakilla) wp edit!

    DaKiLLa made the original one but it dident have the text i liked and i changed it a bit here and there! Critz?
  5. |Da|K|

    DaKiLLa's sig thread!

    hey wanted to open my thread with this sig tell me what ya'll think Critz/comments
  6. Escobar

    Indy Art

    this is juz something i put 2geather.. i dedicate it to dakilla mhuahaha lol http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/wogasmjs/j2d.jpg
  7. S

    Sig Comp. Overkill vs DaKiLLa

    ok..um this was DaKiLLas idea...so.. well here we go
  8. TimTheEnchantor

    Dakilla wallpaper..

    Not customized, didn't know what you wanted for text..
  9. |Da|K|

    DaKiLLa's Sig THREAD!!

    this is my latetes sig.... thats not Pixelated its like vaid light or somethin..... none of its pixelated!!!! soo dont say anything about that!... :D :fight:
  10. |Da|K|

    More new sigs...

    Ok guyz i just made some new sigs...... tell me wat u think..... without border.... with... Thx for the idea Ryoko ;)
  11. Hawki_ice

    My work please comment!

    Hi all im pretty new at sig making so dont yell at me ok!! can u tell me what u think of these :) http://hawki.fcpages.com/sigs/sigs.htm and THANX DaKiLLa !!!
  12. |Da|K|

    new sig critz plz

    Hey how u all like my new siggy????!?!?! i love it!!! i think its awsome!:yes: :yes: :p
  13. |Da|K|

    DaKiLLa Sig. thread

    ok guyz will u tell me wat one is better...... 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8:
  14. |Da|K|

    help me plz....

    Can anyone help me learn how to make Backgrounds???..... or give me a tutorial.... cuz i realy want 2 learn if anyone can help me plz add me to ur msn or AIM buddy list... MSN- [email protected] AIM -smokerweedman420 THX alot guyz
  15. Macro-Gamer

    NEW SIG, for a friend

    A new sig i made for my friend Dakilla. Copy and past link, otherwise it won't work: www.geocities.com/intrpidstudios/dakilla.jpg[/url] Tell me what you think. P.S : I'v heard a rumour that Ryoko and many other "guys" on this forum are...................."routing for the...
  16. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Saiyan Goku WIP

    heres his, head, crit at will :) he will have an upper body by this evening :)
  17. Rebirah

    First Sig!!!

    Actually... I kinda dont like it.. what do you think... also if this is posted in the wrong place im sorry1!!!! Now that I got the pics working.... what do you think of my sig??
  18. |Da|K|

    My Skins

    Hey guys i just wanted to show some of m skins in my own Thread hes my majin vegeta non-ssj.. *DID not make this model just reskined* http://www.geocities.com/smokerweedman420420/temporarypreviewfile.html?1071644609374
  19. SSj Goten

    Omg Ive Posted This 3 Times!!!!

    Ive Tried Making A Kid Trunks Model Like 2329018313246198 Times and Can Someone Make Me A Model Please?I Want SSj and Normal Forms Id Love a Chibi Trunks Model