1. DiebytheSword

    Oh where, oh where has the Cucumber been?

    Dear ESF, As you may have noticed, I've been very absent lately. Those who have access to me on a more private level already know: I've been promoted at work, and that meant 60 hour work weeks for about a month. It also meant a lot of additional time preparing for the test to get...
  2. M

    I challenge Cucumber to a WWE ...

    ... nr 1 contender match!
  3. DiebytheSword

    Anyone want to help the Cucumber out?

    I need a picture of Jason Mewes pointing to the camera. I've seen one before, but I can't find it. If anyone can do a screen cap of him doing the *ahem* commander from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back would be great. Thanks in advance ;)
  4. DiebytheSword

    More Eternal Rage art to spam!!! (And a sneak peek at the villain of ER1's game)

    Here are some new renditions of Cucumba, Ryuei and Keldaen. The other PC portraits, Phobius and Retasu should be done soon. Hakai is dead now, the unfortunate victim of the Majin Hordes and ProtoBuu. :devgrin: Cucumba Keldaen Ryuei ProtoBuu Cut and paste if clicking on it doesn't...
  5. D

    For Cucumber!

    Cucumber video (let it load up) some hilarium for u
  6. R

    Im a Cucumber!

    ok i posted this in a topic, but i should not have lol, so i am makeing a topic about it :P tell me what u think o fit cos its the most funnist video i have ever seen about dbz All the ppl on esf even disc-a-lot freaza are ok, but vege is to powerfull, ohhhh AND for all the ppl who think...