1. DiebytheSword

    So, Papa Cuc is going to upgrade the old rig.

    Alright guys, here's what I'm going for. New case, old one cramped and ratty: COOLER MASTER Storm Scout SGC-2000-KKN1-GP Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case New Mobo (A note here, I'm aware i7's are still...
  2. DiebytheSword

    And now, Cuc's latest creation.

    Here's the newest sig, now that I actually had time to slap something together. C&C welcome, maintain high respect levels.
  3. I

    Dear Cuc,...

    Dear Cuc, Me and Engar have decided that you need a little wub in your life, so we went and got you this. We hope you like him. From Engar and Kel.
  4. DiebytheSword

    OMG, Cuc started drawing again?

    Really rough WIP, fill isn't even done yet, and there are some basic changes I want to do to the size of the right hand.
  5. KarrdeKNR

    I Challenge Cuc!

    Why not just skip the level and go right to the boss? -Karrde-
  6. DiebytheSword

    Meh, some new stuff because I haven't been in here in a while.

    These are the first peices of art someone paid me to make for them. Woo hoo. I haven't done anything lately but these, but I plan on attacking my scetch pad soon. En garde! *adding them in a moment, couldn't attach to forum* I don't watch Yugioh, so I did use reference pics for...
  7. R

    Some stuff I did while my internet was down....

    :D I finally got my internet back,and a few days before I've done some smilies that might be sorta boring,but what the heck,there's of course one you'll dont wanna miss,some of them on this forum already,or not needed....but anyways....:D <img...
  8. D

    hey cuc you got my boots ?

    i'm on aim, vyxnixl. i'll tell you bout the bs why i got fired.let's just say there's alot i could say about 2 certain set-up ppl and a certain person in hand assembly but i don't want this post deleted.
  9. Y

    Buzz Lightyear!?

    Hello to everybody! I had an idea, which pleases me and I shall like subjecting it, what would tell you to do Buzz Lightyear????????
  10. H

    New Map????

    Is anyone working on a map for when vegeta and goku first met like in the mountain's, and if has all ready been made can you give me the link
  11. DiebytheSword

    More Eternal Rage art to spam!!! (And a sneak peek at the villain of ER1's game)

    Here are some new renditions of Cucumba, Ryuei and Keldaen. The other PC portraits, Phobius and Retasu should be done soon. Hakai is dead now, the unfortunate victim of the Majin Hordes and ProtoBuu. :devgrin: Cucumba Keldaen Ryuei ProtoBuu Cut and paste if clicking on it doesn't...
  12. Naz

    My first wallpaper

    Hiya I dicided to make my first wallpaper, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result :) The pic of Gohan is by AZN_Dragon all credit goes to him any c&C + suggestions is welcome grtz Naz-
  13. R

    How many polies...

    How many polies can an ESF character have? Suppose it were for Counter-Strike as well... how many polies? PeAcE:idea:
  14. Naz

    some opinions please

    it took me a while, but I was trying out a lot! I just didn't find the right style. anyways, I have made a new sig now, but something is wrong wih it and I can't figure out what, so... maybe u guys can help me?
  15. ZuL

    The Golden Rocket Crowbar!

    Hello. Some of you don't know who I am, but i hang around RocketCrowbar's forums alot. And I am gonna show you my latest piece of art, the Golden Rocket Crowbar. 1822 polygons, and its not made for any game. Not now. Not ever. I am using 3d studio max 4, if someone asks. There is a newer version...
  16. DiebytheSword

    Some more pics . . . and minor site redesign

    Right freakin' here :D
  17. DiebytheSword

    Some more pics!\Cucumba's_picture_show.html :D
  18. Z

    MAPS for S.....

    Single Player: okay ive posted this in Suggestions but if anyone would have Single player then we have to make the maps so pleaz read my post in suggestions or click and imaginage the maps in ur head and make them!here
  19. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    hey u mappers!!!

    Well is there a good mapper from u available? I need one!! He should do me a Neo-Vegeta Map (u know this planet from the movie with broly) and i wanne have a map for esf with that and with a poster on which is standing ...
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