1. Boogyman93

    How did your Cristmas go?

    Well, I'll start... My tree lights didn't work this year for some reason so I went out to find some new ones. I slipped on the ice, fell pretty hard and had my ass hurting for like 2 days. When I arrived home I saw that my Cristmas tree fell from it's support and almost broke my screen. After...
  2. elcor


    i made this paint for my school , and i win the first , now i like know how i can paint it with photoshop or opencavas or others. plis help me and i hope we like my cristmas
  3. PiXel

    Buu Closed Cristmas feeling...

    (If pic is not shown,it means that my host is down) Credits: Model by Tweek (well i done the credits for shure) its maybe a bit blury... but i think its well done.. dunno about the top thingy :fight:
  4. MaX

    Need A good Modeler To make custom models for a map

    if u can model well post some pics here. me and a friend are makin a Sven-Coop Cristmas map and we need someone to make custom models like A santa elf,snowman and weapon models to if ya can anyway im makin the textures friend mapin and texturing,. ifu have icq. icq me at 174171640. icq me if...