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    Favorite AMV creators

    I've been following these guys for about three years now and they have all made some awsome AMV's. NHMK VicBond007 Productions Aluminum Studios MindWarp Entertainment Hypeodermic Studios ErMaC Studios Please post some of your favorite AMV makers or just favorite AMV's in general.
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    From the creators of south park...

    Dun dun dun!!
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    A recommendation to the creators of ESF

    Plz by all means.. when the next version comes out...disable the pause ability plz! I play on servers 24/7 that alwayz abuse the pause priviledge...even when they aren't messes the game up and causes severe aggrivation... also it messes up the server and it crashes...losing all...
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    Lots of models and looking for the creators Part 2

    Oke the first thread was verry sucsesfull for me. just look at there are 14 models more online now thanks to you. But i`m far from done.. i still have something like 50 models witch don`t have an autheur. And this time i post some more than in the first thread. i will post...
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    Lots of models.. Looking for the creators!!

    Hey all... Since i`m not requesting models but i`m looking for the creators i tought that it would be best to place it here and not in the modeling request thread. All the models below are models witch aren`t on esf-world or my site so i have no source to see who created...
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    ok dokie final updates before sephiroth is released^_^

    ok we still need crits before we release it but here is wot i have done scince last night: as u can see i have put a better skin on the pants and arms and also i have recoulerd some parts of the eyes to make them stand out more. also u can see the arms are more like sephy's now ^_^ form...
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    for 1.2 creators

    please 1.2 creators i think that the game whould be the best if there would be ssj 2 and 3 or at least 2 10q
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    in a soccer match, the creators or Dragon Mod Z will probably beat the ESF team.

    Because the creators of ESF are a bunch of fat nerds who only eat chips and drink loads of vanilla coke.
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    question for the creators

    hey guys like your mod its pretty good,if you need any help in dbz considering i am an anime freaka and japanese just give me a hollar on msn which i am on most of the time [email protected]
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    Model Creators Read

    Hey, Alright first off to break the ice i own and just to name a few. We have created a series you can call it a fan fic after dbgt and we are making the first animated episode in 3d with models. if you have any models you would like to let us use and get credit for...
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    To Creators of ESF

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Last summer as my roomate and i hit the binger and played video games we talked about how someone needed to make a 3d dragonball z game that stayed true to the series. I think it is remarkable that the creators of the game put so much time...
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    Evil Game Creators

    So far, the Beta has just been awesome...I like everything about it even the melee....anway....<br><br>The one thing I have a problem with so far is the servers...I can't wait till we can get some stable dedicated ones going. My main problem with them is not that they dont stay up very long...