1. Nuttzy

    so my vista just crashed...

    i get the random video recovery thing about once every 3 days or so, i hit up google when this happened and learned it was fairly commonplace. but now i just got a bluescreen error, for the first time, the thing shot by so fast that i was unable to read it all, but the words secondary and...
  2. NightShade

    Crashed bug found and tested

    Crash bug found and tested In a beam struggle. Holding down both mouse buttons *Default* And winning the struggle will crash the server. Also on a side note. Doing this to a non atteched beam. You are stuck in the powerstruggle after it blows up. (If you keep them held down. If you let go...
  3. N

    ESF Crashed @ Log In

    I turned on steam, and to my surprise there was an update. Ok so it finishes the update, I then proceed to launch TS and it wouldn't run, it would go to the game screen then crash. Next I try to run ESF and it crashed at the Vegeta kicking Picolo scene. I tried to launch ESF w/o going into a...
  4. B

    server crashed

    Henryuu Reesaa: whoa. Fede: :D Henryuu Reesaa: let me hit you im gonna show you a seceret combo Fede: i know em Fede: already Fede: lol Fede: krillen sux Henryuu Reesaa: ag!!! i hate beams i love melee! Henryuu Reesaa: ah!!! Fede: :S ./hlds_run: line...
  5. phar4oh

    i crashed the server by myself, I think it was because....

    uh... sucker. Now you have to read my post. heh heh. :laff: I was playing on the ozforces server by myself waiting for someone to join. when the server crashed I was swooping everywhere. I swooped forward, back, right, back...... crash. I know people have been talking about memory...
  6. S

    Do you know a page for skins?

    Hello, do you know a page about skins for ESF?
  7. orez

    Devil crashed all the server's

    any server i whent ther was devil showin up and server wood overflow some thing must be done ;(
  8. S

    IT Crashed AGAIN!!!!!

    Umm i downloaded beta 1 and when i go to start a game or join a game it performes an illeagle operation and goes to the desktop. If ANYONE could spare the time to help me it would be great cause i REALLY would like to play this mod one day this week. here are the details: I am running it...
  9. K

    map suggestion

    can ne 1 make a nameks end map?u know when its all blowing up with lava and stuff
  10. Pommy

    The internet crashed ;

    my proof!!! this info was from [Majin]Buu-boo (banned:() read that!