1. |Overlord|

    Where do i get hammer/World Craft?

    iv'e been insipred to map just by watching dbz and i am now reading the mapping guides can someone give me a link to where i could find it , also , for people with the same question , could an admin/mod maybe sticky this thread Edit...
  2. G

    Making maps

    I have just downloaded world craft 3.4 and I want to know at the beginning how to set it up for esf because in the read me it only says how to set it up for esf. Plz help me out! oops I mean halflife it only tells me how to set it up for halflife
  3. R

    errrmmm...and so I changed something.... that my chargebar would look like this,this esp. points to Zerg fans <img src=""> I need some crits so that I can make a custom HUD and no Im not doing any Protos or Terran HUDs
  4. D

    Any mapper please read

    Could someone PLEASE make me a map that's basically one GIGANTIC cube. the skybox can be space, with stars and stuff, the lighting can be done however you like. I'd like it to have some asteroids, that explode also, yet, dont make them explode from tiny things, (if possible) try to make it so...
  5. S


    Where do I find my world craft on my computer because i dont know where to look i have it cuz it says in the book.
  6. Big Bang Attack

    War Craft 3

    War Craft 3, whos got and wat do u think? me i think its great just i bit lag for my comp wat do u think
  7. Emeka650


    To make a map what will I need and what will it cost.Because I would love to make maps for a mod.I dont really need what I need.Just the cost.
  8. S

    Hammer/World Craft help

    I get this problem too many ...... times and it's driving me ........ crazy!!! Each time I start up hammer it freezes. I made a hammer "log" in my head. Here is what happened in the past hour: start Hammer open map stops when I make a new brush freezes restart start...
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