1. C

    CrackerJacks Car Factory

    I was bored and edited some cars.. B4: After: B4: After: Any crits?
  2. Warbandit

    Crackerjacks ESF music pack

    I am looking for cracker's music pack. I had it before and i was wondering if i could find it anywhere. This is a great pack and i recommend it to go to esf-world or something. I tried the search and the thread that had it the link was down. if anyone knows bout it plz tell me...
  3. A

    CrackerJacks Art Topic

    Well, I got tired of posting a thread for every sig.. Heres my latest work: a build on: and The last one is just a begining
  4. A

    CrackerJacks Sigs

    Ok, im gonna be making a thread about my sigs. I just started today. This topic isnt only sigs, I might post some of my drawings, and maybe some flash movies too:D
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