1. S

    i am using cracked steam

  2. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Cracked Steam.

    i've heard that people with cracked or pirated half life owners won't be able to lay the final version of ESF, but how are you going to stop them? because i'm seeing more and more un-verified half life owners in this forum and there obviously going to try every way to get the final version when...
  3. J

    omfg this cracked me up!
  4. C

    Milkshape problems

    I got milkshape and I had it for only 2 minutes when it expired. So i got a code to register it. Then a message comes up saying restart the program so i do. Then it says u registered an expired thing, so let milkshape run for at least 2 minutes. I do that and leave it on forever then try to save...
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