1. elNarr

    CPL ceases to exist?

    Source : http://www.thecpl.com/?p=1920 ------ Really, what a pity.. I had really high hopes for e-sports and CPL was one of the most succesful contributors to it. I even found myself enjoy viewing some of the professional CPL Matches in Counter-Strike 1.6 and StarCraft. Rest in Peace...
  2. M

    cpl and movie

    is there a cpl for esf and are there any movies about esf ? like Fzer0 movie
  3. U

    EYE > SK 13-5 in CPL Summer 2004

    Wow.. the name says it all. Does anyone else think this is due to the new money system? I mean... after all... look at SKs performance in many large tournaments AFTER the changes took effect. (getting eliminated in ESCW for example) ....Anyone that watched both SK matches with EYEballers noticed...