1. LOPAO

    Costume caracter powers and special tricks

    Hi, how would be to add 7 space for capsules like in dragon ball z infinite world, something like costume :yes: that will be great everyoane can custome her/him caracter :d 3 - Attacks , like Kamehaha-ha..,Spirit bomb .. Fusion Gogeta etc .. i'm refering at goku 4 - Special trick, like full...
  2. Jimdapredator

    the COSTUME thread

    my own little variation on "teh pix thread" post a picture of yourself in a costume of some sort (keep it decent for the kiddies) heres mine HEY STOOPID its Alice Cooper :shocked: a few weeks ago at a friends birthday
  3. K

    Selling my Costume Built PC

    Idk if i can do this on the forum but i guess it doesnt hurt to give it a try. Im selling my custome built pc, as the title says. Time to move on to another beasty pc :P Here what it contains: This is my Custom Built PC that has served me for some time now. Very powerfull pc capable of...
  4. U

    piccolo costume

    i'm sure someones already mentioned this (or at least hope). i think it'll be cooler if piccolo had his full costume, with the shoulder pad and turban like hat. i think it'll look better than the one he has now. anyone else agree?
  5. Optimus Prime

    Dun Dun Dun! Spiderman Inside.

    No, I did not make this picture, a guy I know did. He made it in English from memory, he did not trace, nor did he have an example to draw from, I sit beside him, I watched him draw it.
  6. H

    my second sig

    hi all i just made another sig its my second one and i had just corrected some mistakes and i would like to hear some opinions and advices or what ever u want to say about the sig