1. S

    Photoshop Cookie Contest!

    Edit it, add pics, remove stuff. Just make it look good or funny =p The winner get's a cookie =p (No *** **** like pasting a goku picture on there with horrible cutting >_<)
  2. M

    Buu cookie bug

    Ehh dunno what to search for to find a similear thread, so ill just make one.. I just played, and something really weird happend... I was goku vs buu, and i think i prepunched him, but just before i prepunched him, he was using the cookie beam thing - it stopped when i started prepunching, but...
  3. Mastasurf

    Fortune Cookie

    We were given 2 weeks (approx 8 hours) to find a fortune from a fortune cookie and make a video using After FX. So, here you go... This video requires the newest divx codec.
  4. Optional

    Buu's Cookie Attack

    Once he transforms into Evil Buu, he never uses the attack. He just reflects Fat Buu's candy attack back on him. He never actually does the attack. So when Buu transforms in-game, he should lose the candy attack. This would take power away from him considering how over-powered he is to begin with.
  5. I

    jin [a trunks reskin]

    here i have a skin of my jin character that stars in my dbhd (dragonball hyper dimension) series... by the way it comes out July 20th. so check it out *credits to Th3Pr0fessional who made the trunks model* well watchya think *crits*
  6. D.C. Darkling

    buu's cookie beam...?

    buu's cookie beam...? It might be me but it seems if I get hit by this attack by a pl far superior enemy I can't move.. this normal? this a bug? Or am I stupid now? :fight:
  7. imkongkong


    wen i turn sum1 to a cookie, i get full health butt when i turn them to chocolate or donut i just get refilled KI is that how it's suppose to be?
  8. Snow


    Now I know alot of Gotenks models are bing made but does anyone have a Gotenks model already done?
  9. -Dark Shadow-

    new sig!

    i made a new sig with arcsoft Photostudio its brillient look my best sig ever! oh and can something tell me if it is just a little X or the actual sig please :)
  10. X

    Helpz !

    Hey ppl, I got 3ds max 4 and Im wondering where I can get some modeling tutorials. Where did u guyz start. I hear max is a good program for creating models so I want to know where I can learn to model my self some dbz LoL !!!! So ty in advance for replies :devil: :tired: ;)
  11. Big Bang Attack

    BUU's Cookie Attack Gives Health!!!

    today i was playing with people from my clan [-AsF-] and we were having fun getting the highest pl by killing our selfs over and over in turns till i got to over 2,000,000,000 and the other player was buu and start to use his cookie attack, on me, and my health started to increase, from...
  12. D.C. Darkling

    ps+cookie attack= kill for buu

    Well... basicly the title says it all. I had a fight once when I did ps and my health did rop by that beam why I was in the ps. fortunately I won the ps and killed buu after it with melee but my health.... man. This bug aint nice. :( And there was another bug I forgot. :P
  13. MaX

    Buu Cookie attack idea

    how about if buu eats everyone with cookie attack and they get teleported to a mini-map of buus brain. but when vegeta and goku get absorbed NOT IN FUSION they can still try to rescue them but make it a diff game mode... :) what yaa think
  14. Slash

    buu's cookie blast? that thing like instant like pickasslo's eyebeams in the alpha? or do you charge it up and then fire it? and are pickasslo's eyebeams still instant too?
  15. N

    cookie be blocked?

    Can the ki shield or any other method block the COOKIE BEAM! =)
  16. )v(ajin Cell

    Cookie Attack

    Ok aboutbuu's cookie attack, I think after a certain point when you turn into a cookie you should be able to control the cookie(See "Amazing Fighting Candy") you'd just flind your self at the enemy to attack ,but youd still be at the risk of being eaten though, after a sum of time you back...
  17. E

    Buu's cookie attack

    I already suggested this to Pcjoe, and he liked the idea, but I was wondering if you guys liked it as well. I was thinking if Buu turns someone into a cookie and he ate the cookie, that he would gain one of the character's unique attacks. He would only be able to have 1 stolen attack at a time...
  18. M

    i have a question (buu cookie attack)

    does this attack works...if yes how?? if you hit someone it turns to cookie and the you get his powers or something???? i have a question can a tester or team member make a movie about how this attack works/looks??? i would like to see/hear that...thanks
  19. E

    Buu's cookie attack

    I was wondering how Buu's cookie attack is going to work. I mean, is it just a charge weapon that if it hits the oponent he just turns into a cookie or what? Is being turned into a cookie permanent or are you just considered dead when you get turned into a cookie and just respawn?
  20. Akhkaru

    I Know You Like Cookies!!!