1. Mkilbride

    The SOPA Act Continues To Get Dirtier

    Sauce: Well, there you go. This is about Internet Censorship for those who didn't know. I never imagined they'd be with the tyranny. It's like have a homicide case, and in the Court Room, the witnesses who...
  2. M

    U.S. Continues Pakistan Border Attacks

  3. G

    The Legend Continues!

    As you could of guessed it, This is a zelda signature. I havent gotten the grunge feel yet but Im trying hard at it, I tried it with the grunge over zelda and it looks horrible so I just left him above that layer. What do you guys think? Im still looking for good fonts so the text more then...
  4. MSF

    My Map

    I have last 2 day make a map about Kami. Here the Link . Screenshots come later. Please say want you peaple think. ps. The map has one Problem, you must the activate by Console. The Console Command is map GSF_Gottespalast
  5. R

    My First Skin (Rikimaru)

    This is my second model ever with my first skin ever... I know there are problems this way and that... but I'm satisfied I guess... Um, if someone can tell me... I'm using 3ds Max 4... on all the multiple uvw unwraps I saved the thing (uvw)... was that neccessary for each one? also.. I have a...