1. R

    Constantly dropped/crashing

    Hello all, Been enjoying the game while learning it "solo" via a self hosted server with bots, which was all fine and good, no problems to be had there. However, as soon as I attempted to head to the servers of others I found myself facing a constant dropped/crashed scenario. The length...
  2. L

    place for mods

    hay everyone sry i know ur pissed cuz of all these postes made by me but got idea i was wondering if all of u good modelers like nuttzy,slander,and dawg ect. (not sure if all of them model just they know all about it so) u can make ur own site on aol home town for free and dont even have to have...
  3. MinesSkylineR34

    Kenshin Indy...again

    better...? crits? EDIT: blended kenshin in a bit
  4. R

    Kicked Off Servers Constantly

    It's really pissing me off..... It says connection problem in the right hand corner and then goes to the screen with ESF on it. And it happens 99.9% of the time. It's really pissing me off. Any ideas? I know I'm not getting kicked out too, this is on the servers too. Actually every...
  5. Vengaurd

    tranforming animations

    i cant seem to find out what file tells half life what things to use in the transformations (gokus lightning, rocks, aura ect.) any help here would be nice
  6. S

    Okay, Mapping Programs?

    I hate Worldcraft. It has constantly tried to foil me at every mapping attempt I made. So screw it. Is there any, free, mapping tool out there for me? A simple one with lots of clear, detailed tutorials that don't assume you know where everything is? Please? And if anyone, so help me god...