1. DaFeLa

    resident evil revelations announced for all consoles!

    yep the 3ds game is coming to pc xbox and Playstation 3 and Wii you playable characters are: chris redfield,jill valentine,Hunk official trailer: official facebook:
  2. Mkilbride

    Developers claim costs for developing for next gen consoles will "double" Hmm, gee, that's weird. PC titles for years have been putting out better textures and higher polygon models, and they primarily sold for less. What a bunch of bull****. This just in: X720...
  3. nemesis2290

    2 different DBZ games coming to consoles this fall?!!?!?

    As most of you know, there's an arcade game in Japan called Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale. That game is going to be released later this year for both PS3 and 360 as well as that other new DBZ game, Dragon Ball Game Prject AGE 2011 (temporary title). Which are you getting if either? :D
  4. Mkilbride

    StarCraft II coming on Consoles.
  5. M

    Street Fighter 4 Coming to Consoles

  6. KarrdeKNR

    HD Laptop TV tuner that can handle nextgen consoles?

    Ok, looks like I'm doing all my tech type stuff at once ;P I'll keep googling my soul away and maybe I'll find something too. Long story short, my laptop monitor is HD capable but I don't have a TV tuner. Looking for something that's an HD tuner and can take input from a PS3/360/etc. Just...
  7. sub

    Civilization is coming to consoles

    Yeah, it's true. Trailer: I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news. Time will tell.
  8. Ravendust

    Next Generation Consoles

    I saw people were swarming Gameinformer's thread about the XB360 so I decided to make a seperate, general interest thread. Bite me for being unoriginal. Which, if any, are you planning on getting and why? Disclaimer: This isn't a PS3 r0x 360 sux thread, I just wanted to see who was getting...
  9. M

    2 new way of the samurai games to hit next gen consoles. I was actually amazed to see this, after how ppl said they hated numbed 2, i loved number 2 but thats besides the point. Can't wait to see how online...
  10. Synth

    Next Generation Consoles. looks like it won't be long before im pawning my X-Box and Ps2 for a Ps3. I can't imagine the graphic capabilities these systems will have.
  11. S

    Omg Tell Me This Isnt The Coolest Sig Ever

    O_O Lewk below! ....### ....### ....### ....### ####### ..##### .....### .......#
  12. Kuyuaga

    Do u hate Games Consoles???

    Cos I was speaking with skull eyes a while ago and asked him what he though of computer Games consoles, and he said that they all suck. Personally I prefer consoles to the pc, probally cos mine is sh**. But don't u agree that conoles are good cos u don't have to pay for upgrades and all that...
  13. SSj Gotenks

    Dragonballz for other consoles.....

    I read the ( I think) latest issue of Gamepro Magazine, and they briefly show some 3d environments of the Dragonball Universe and a little information about DBZ coming to a console this fall