1. Suh Dude

    Congrats to those who graduated from High School!

    Well I just wanted to say good job for making this far in your life. I just came back from my bro's graduation and it was pretty cool, saw some of my friends brothers and sisters graduate.
  2. L

    Congrats To Cucumba and Mephit

    Well i havn't heard from Richard AKA Cucumba but as far as i know labor was induced this morning at 7 AM and by this time Cucumba should be the Proud Daddy of a baby Girl. My Congrats go out to him and his family. Now all he has to do is let Old Light Scream Teach Cuc's Daughter how to be a...
  3. Warbandit

    Congrats Nuttzy!

    Yo nuttzy! wanted to congratulate u on becoming a mod! thats totally awesome dude. gj!
  4. X

    esf_androids (Not Done)

    --------------------Off Topic--------------------- Well guys. Before I show off this map, just wanna say that I gotta disconnect my Internet Account. See, I aint getting any support around the house from my mother or my step brother so, I gotta go find me another job. I've only had 6 Month...
  5. suicidal_maniac

    Congrats Evil_Trunks

    Our very own, and very beloved, Evil_Trunks (ET) has reached over 1000 posts. This may be a bit late but oh well. Im not on the forums very often and I just realized this. Since ET is my fav mod/forumer I think he deserves a public congragulations for his recent jumping of this landmark. :D :D :D
  6. Ryoko

    New freehand Ryoko drawing

    Shall be cging soon. Not as good as my other pics but then again, this is totally freehand.
  7. Ryoko

    Trunks wp!

    Take a peek! You know you want to!
  8. Constructor

    My 1st own Sig :D

    Hi there, pls comment on my first own selfmade sig :) from 1-10 below or @
  9. S

    congrats for the mod

    beta 1.0 rocks but wat i like about this mod is the animations THEY ARE SOOO GOOD SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
  10. S

    nice job and congrats!

    Hey ive been wit esf for a long time but new to the forums, ive been playin esf off and on. Personally i dont really like alpha that much but the sounds are great! But best of all ur progress is unbelievable, i mean like i cant believe me eyes when i was lookin at the trailor! I just really...
  11. G

    Congrats to Bruno

    He's nearing 1000 posts.. however he is the first person (excluding Admin cucumba) to NOT be a corrupted poster/ evil spammer, he has deserved every 1000 posts, so congrats :)