1. dan_esf_fanatic

    CPU confusion.

    I've been confused for some time about my CPU power, so I thought it was about time to ask. Alright. I have an AMD CPU, 2200+. It says I have a box 1.8 GHz. It was said to me that my PC was like if I had a Intel with 2.2 GHz. Is this true? Example:AMD CPU Sempron 64 3200+ Socket AM2, L2 Cache...
  2. |Overlord|

    Piccolo regen confusion

    In the buu saga Piccolo states that he can regenerate as long as his head isn't damaged. Now with Cell having Piccolo's cells, It would more or liekly mean that Cell should not be able to regenerate considering that Goku Blasted Cell with a khh that casued Cell to lose the top part of his body...
  3. S

    Alpha Beta confusion

    Would these maps although made for alpha work with 1.1 beta?
  4. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Bottleneck Confusion

    how can the cpu be the bottleneck to the video card. Something please explain in depth if you can using bandwidth and start with the correct definition of bottleneck cuz i am not sure it is what i think it is. (limiting factor) add some calculations if you can to see if my 450mhz is the...
  5. S

    Sprite Confusion

    I replaced my goku with a gtgoku and I want to keep regular goku as well. If I put in the sprites for gtgoku, which replaces regular goku's sprites, will i be able to use regular goku ok?
  6. D

    Counter Confusion

    I'm not sure I understand counters. I've looked around the forums but there doesn't seem to be any explaination for this: When can a counter take place? If I stop blocking and right click right after I get hit, they swat me away again. If I wait too long they are either gone or blocking. A...
  7. B

    Version confusion

    Ive got the retail version of CS installed but when I try and load up a LAN game, in the top right hand corner of my screen it says: Half life 43/ So do I need the CS update or the half life update? I know this has come up a hundred times before, but i'm a bit slow.
  8. Wing Zero 0

    Time Zone Confusion

    Hello all. I'm ATTEMPTING to set the time zone on the forums, but appearently, the person who made the engine for these forums can't tell time correctly, because I can't seem to get the forum clock to set my time at Eastern Standard Time. I live in friggin' New York! It shouldn't be that...
  9. X

    Why is Trunks attacks all mixed up? Confusion?

    I remember there was a arguement about this when someone made a topic similar but the other dude was right. And this is just a reminder cause I just finished watching Trunks Arrival again on my comp since I was bored. But the Burning Attack is a Ball and Finishing Buster is a BEAM. I'd...
  10. S

    (new) beta questions (manual confusion- help!)

    Some questions id like answering after reading the manual: 1. Struggles - the manual says you've only got to hold the mouse? i thought u had to tap it (thats what i did in the alpha!), although i can see why you dont have mouse tapping (because of the people who create scripts to auto-click)...
  11. X


    I just started a few days ago... and ive been wondering how u tell whos on your side and whos not, i seriously do not understand how u tell the difference... so i end up shooting them and there on my god damn team and they get me from behind! please tell me how u tell the difference Also is...
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