1. Spunky

    X3: Terran Conflict

    So who else has played this amazing game? Besides being beautiful, it's incredibly engaging. A lot of people mistake the difficulty for a requirement of patience. It's very easy to learn, you just have to put in the time. Any other interstellar mercantile emperors here?
  2. MinioN

    World in conflict won't start

    Well guys,It's been 2 months i since my last post here :D. I can't find help anywhere i thought someone here will know.I installed WIC but when i run it screen goes black and then it's just shuting down itself.I doesn't show any error.What can it be?
  3. M

    World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Trailer
  4. Killface

    World In Conflict Demo The demo version of WiC came out a few days ago. Go download it, its amazing.
  5. D

    World in Conflict Open Beta The Open Beta Is going to start tommarow...supposidly it was supposed to start yesterday but w/e i didnt even know about it today... Go get your Beta keys today, the download will be out tommarow. There are plenty keys in stock, so i wouldn't worry to much, on...
  6. Killface

    World in Conflict

    Im not sure if anyone has made a thread about this yet, but this game is amazing looking. Basically its an RTS game, where in 1989 the USSR invades the NATO countries and Europe breaks out into war, ending in an invasion of the American homefront. This game is different from most because of...
  7. S

    Mod conflict

    just curious.. planethalf life said that there was a dispute between rival mods. Im wondering if this has anything to do with ESF and DMZ or DB source?
  8. Skyrider

    Lan join crash conflict.

    its really simpel. my bro and i want to play on a server. a ns server or cs server. or whatever mod. when my bro/ or me join the same server. 1 of us 2 gets kicked out OR gets a connection problem. it seems its a lan conflict. i hope someone knows the anser. cuz we really want to join...
  9. HyperSaiyaman

    King Vegita Model!

    First of all Credits to " D.C. Darkling " for the model; Hello there i made a reskin of king vegeta all it needs is a neckclace and the cape here a pic of the model: if some1 want to do the cape and the neckclace for this model just pm me or my msn is [email protected]
  10. S

    first wallpaper

    LOOK DOWN AT BOTTOM OF THREAD FOR UPDATED VERSION i got bored so i made it i know theres some problems with it but tell me what you think please and no this isnt the full size crits plz