1. G

    Naruto English Dub Cancelled Confirmed!!

    :( Well not really, but read on anyway. :] Show News Contribute Edit May 08, 2005 News on the Naruto dub from Anime Insider It says that Shopro will air Naruto in September, and the first DVD will be released in December. Although the Toonami version will be editted, the DVDs will...
  2. Optimus Prime

    Half-Life 2 Delay Officially 100% Confirmed....

    Taken again from PHL; I am also glad this "nonsense" is over and done with and we can stop talking about September 30th ;).
  3. K

    Bodukai Release Confirmed

    The Release date for DBZ: Bodukai has been changed to December 4th. Just thought you'd like to know... --Krillin