1. Z

    ESF works in Condition Zero

    Hey ya know that ESF mod is work for CZ. Anyone has try it? heh :laff::laff:
  2. 1

    Counter Strike: Condition Zero?

    Well, This came with the original counter strike, but for some reason, ESF won't install. Need some help....
  3. M

    Does Esf work with counter strike and condition zero

    i don't know if esf can run on counter strike or condition zero.
  4. H

    Condition Zero

    I have condition zero but not counterstrike or half-life. does it work with condition zero?? plz respond thanks for ur time
  5. [SAS]Orion

    Does anybody play condition Zero?

    Just wondering, as I myself do play it regulary and find it better than regular cs and cs:source! If anybody does, we should hook up - I have a great Uk server I play on!
  6. B

    Low fps in condition

    i tryed die hard fps with hltoolz but it dosent modify anything....dont think it works with cz.any way i can boost fps from the usuial 40 i get in aztec,60 on dust :( EDIT:system= geforce 2 mx 1.4 ghz 512 ram would get a new vid card if i could :(
  7. L

    plase tll me ifesf works on cs condition zero

    please can n e 1 tell me if esf works on cs condition zero and how to install it n e help would be appreciated:-) :) :)
  8. KilledWithStyle

    Krillin Models

    Anyone have a really great krillin model. (anyone will do as long as its great)
  9. Mirai USSJ

    Counterstrike 2 (Condition Zero) News

    Post All You Know About CS:CZ Here.I bet half Of You Didnt Know About CZ Did You lol.Anyway if Someones Already mentioned The CZ news U Wanna Post Dont Bother Posting It Cus Its A Waste Of TIme. 2 Of The Weapons i Know Are The FAMAS (french rifle) MOLOTV COCKTAIL (petrol bomb)