1. Sicron

    HL2 coming near completion?

    as far as i can read this, its not gonna take long before HL2 will be in the shops O.o, i wonder if HL2 will use a similar system for online won or steam, if it would be steam >.< that would suck
  2. ZuL

    Guide me to the completion of my USSJ Broli...

    Now, here are two fairly recent pictures of the Broli so far, smooth and celshaded renders. I'm both in need of good crits and a GOOD DRAWOVER for the arms, both front and back. I've seen plenty of...
  3. S

    Where do u get Sprites

    where do u get diffrent sprites and aurora; cuz out of all those sites they only have like a few iand i want a diffrent charge type thng so its not just flying dots and does any one no where to get animated models??
  4. ]\/[ITCHELL


    can someone please tell me how to make pics of a model.I have HL Model Viewer but i cant make pics;( ;(