1. donnierisk

    Compilation error! HELP!

    Hello, I just started mapping yesterday on my first map, I finished it, but whenever I try to compile it, this appears: please help! I am new at this, so maybe I forgot to add something to the map, please help me.:(
  2. grOOvy

    Fanfic Compilation: Released! :o

    This is the PDF publishment (including images) of Magus' Forum Fanfic, "The Spamming Menace". I'm not going to lecture a post about this, just download it - and then post your comments, thanks. \o/ Download Location 1 (Courtesy HLEB, Magus) Download Location 2 (Courtesy WebGV, grOOvy)...
  3. freeportpretz22

    Compiling/Decompiling in gmax

    How do you decmopile and compile in gmax? I got a bomberman waiting to be skinned and I cant get it out of gmax! Someone please help me, I'd appreiciate it! :devgrin:War Hamster:devgrin:
  4. S

    why me!?!

    hi guys why my if i made a map and save it and try to run it it sais: CAN'T OPEN <map name> .p0 or something plz help me with it otherwise i never can map AGAIN!!!!:cry: :cry: