1. Sting

    Sounds commands

    Is there a list with all the sounds commands if you want to change a sound? I think I forgot some and was looking for a list on the internet without any results. Hope someone can help me with this.
  2. tuty

    ESF Console commands?

    Hey guys, i need that command name, when you choose a character in console, like "buu", "cell", "goku" etc. But i can't figure out how is named that command for "random characters"
  3. VideoJinx

    Cool Open Beta Commands

    In open beta, how do i adjust the swoop speeds? What are the commands??
  4. .Guzzie.

    Need some help with the SV commands and AMX

    Just got a few questions : 1) Where in my Dedicated Server can I edit sv_region?? Typing it up in the console doesn't seem to work. Do I simply add it in : server.cfg? 2) How do I set a permanent time limit on my server. I'm able to set a limit, but after I change the map through my own will...
  5. Slofreak


    hey is there any commands for cable internet i get on open beta server 80-120 latency and when i get in the game i get around 100+ ping. I already put. max fps 120 rate 9999 there any more commands
  6. =->Goku<-=

    How to use the Commands and CVARS

    Obviously some of the commands have become second nature to most of us. But what I would like to know is: Is there a thread already here on how to use all of these correctly, or a help file, or is someone able to at least give me an idea on how to correctly use them. Of course I could...
  7. N

    Commands problem

    I have never played Half-Life (only a few times in the cafe). That's why I have got a problem with my commands. I and my friends often play ESF but haven't so much time to get such big KI. I have added "powerlevel" script to my game, but if I want to use a command "esf_powerlevel <nick> <KI>...
  8. I


    Ok, I'm kinda new to this dedicated server thing. I'm having a problem with console commands. In my listen server, all I had to do was type the command, and it worked, such as, mp_plcatchup 0. But now with my dedicated server, I have to type "rcon" before every command for it to work, even AMX...
  9. T

    is there a faq on commands?

    like how to disable melee combat and such?
  10. U

    Are there admin commands??

    Hi, i was wondering if there were any admin commands when playing, like even single player (with bots). Can i set my power level high???? Because in counter-strike you can do like, SV_airaccelerate -21938182931298 and stuff.
  11. D

    Admin commands

    im an admin on a server(not a very good 1) can u tell me how to ban, kick and if it is possible to change powerlevels :confused: :confused:
  12. U

    What is the command or series of commands for swooping?

    What is the command or series of commands for swooping? I have tried the followings: "+forward; -forward; +forward" "+forward; +forward; -forward" This would be really useful for my configs. :)
  13. Killface

    console commands

    Hey you guys probably heard this alot but does anyone know any good console commands. Im running esf 1.2.1 on the half life console. also i installed on my friends computer and i cant get half life console to pop up (the program) so if anyone knows how please tell me. :)
  14. G

    Console commands

    hey i just want to know some cosole commands. Just wondering if there any.
  15. P

    Damnit, Console Commands >.<

    I think there was another thread that had them, but I can't find it :cry: I need ones like the one that stops you from losing power level when you die and the one that disables melee, etc.
  16. H

    need help with commands...

    how can i choose how much exp to start with??? is there any command to do that??
  17. S


    I have been running a server for a week or so and had some time the other night to go through some commands that I haven’t seen before. Does anyone have a list of what the am_ commands do along with any other new commands?
  18. O

    console commands???

    :p anyone can tell me where or what the console commands are mainly how to change levels when hostin :p
  19. O

    console commands

    :p errrrrr what are all the differnt console commands :p
  20. P

    How would I add custom commands (noclip, godmode)

    Anyone know how I would do this + slap and all that? Still don't seem to get people in either
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