1. Vengaurd

    big beam pack

    hey, um, on the off chance that anyone here has a copy of my bigger beam pack that i made for beta 1. i would apreciate it if you could send a copy to: [email protected]
  2. T

    question on sound packs

    hey i was wondering if any 1 can give me a site with sound packs. i forgot where but somewhere in the forum there was a guy who said he once had a vegeta trans that said, "U can take my body and soul, but there is one thing u cant take from a saiyan his PRIDE" j/w if some 1 can tell me where to...
  3. D

    Screenshots of my map

    These are just some screen shots of a map I started for ESF the other day. Hope you like what I have so far. <a href="" target="_blank">Screen Shot 1</a> <a...
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