1. T

    Colored Models...?

    I have no idea what this is, but everytime i join a server, it tells me I must remove colored models to play on this server. Every single one. Im using steam, a new computer, and i just got the 1.2.3 patch from esf-world.
  2. B

    Colored Models I need help

    I installed full 1.2 and 1.2.1 patch, and every server I try to play says on screen "Please remove colored models to play in this server" ALL serves says that and I can´t move and in some seconds the game close!! Plz help me.. Other thing, the same thing happens if I create... so I can´t...
  3. M

    Please remove Colored Models to Play On This server

    I keep getting this when i join a server, even when i create game... When i see this message none of the controls work, i cant move when i press them. Forward, Backward, side to side. NOTHING. And then the game crashes then it returns me to my desktop. Is there any way I can fix this problem...
  4. F

    The Damn Colored Models Problem

    I've got a damn problem ;( with running esf on steam. everytime i try 2 join a server the pops a message up: "remove colored models" or something (i tried 2 make a lan game server but there is the same prob) than i cant mave anymore and after 10 sec half-life shots down! :cry: Can't...
  5. S

    A CG colored Trunks

    This is my 3rd cg colored pic the lineart is from an offical DBZ coloring book. Crits & Comments please :D
  6. Super Veggeto

    about colored polys...

    how can i make a model with colored polys??? is there a program or its in ms3d..?
  7. Z

    Remove Colored Models...

    Hi. My cousin has ESF but when he tries to play it says Please Remove All Colored Models Before Playing. Or sumthin liek that. He can select a character but then that msg appears. Whats the prob?
  8. S

    Majin Chibi trunks lol........

    well, i was practicing my drawin, and drew a pic of chibi trunks, but i gave him a bit of a weird grin, so i decided to make him Majin, i thought sum people here might like it so here it is: BTW: check out Dragonball NG, the link is in the topic in the "off topic" forum Enjoy!
  9. C

    Pics of teh udpated kenshin

    Hey guys, i'm aware that i shwoed ya kenshin a while ago,but i something sitll bothered me aobut him,so i did update him here is the result : Flat shaded (colored ) : smooth shaded :
  10. SSJ n00b

    look me gsm non ssj

    if u think azn sended me this model nope i edit self
  11. G

    GT Vegeta Reskin

    I wanted a black haired version of GT VEGETA from BROLLMAN'S SSJ4 VEGETA PACK so I didnt found one I decided to do a reskin myself probably people would loved to have an black haired GT Vegeta so I did this which it came out pretty awesome :laff: If you people wanted contact me...
  12. L

    robotic model im making need skinner/ animator

    im in the poccess of make a robotic model for esf, ive done the head, neck and upper body... its a really simple deisgn but looks nice. it you want screen shots someone is gonna have to host them for me.. i need a skinner and animator if possible cus i dont know how o do it... i plan on...

    (Megasaiyan)Gohan (not ssj3).

    I changed the hair and the eyes a little bit. I think it looks cool. ***EDIT*** Tell me what you think. ***EDIT*** If you want to see the pic just click on the link and tell me what do you think about it by posting in this thread.
  14. AscensionX

    How do you get the game to recognise aura colours??

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=royalblue, strength=#+9)>Hi everyone, well i am just posting to see if anybody has the know-how about the game to understand how the mod recognises which auras to use for each character? if i could figure this out then i could make a proper version of a ssj2 aura...
  15. We$$ide

    goku battle damaged

    I've made reskinned the ESF goku model, and i used a view parts of the other goku dam model, and i give them credits download: (copy and paste the link)
  16. ]\/[ITCHELL

    little goku

    once i tought: "if you take a goten model and reskin in with a goku skin you have a little goku" so Itried and it worked;D ;D ;D i have a little goku REskin
  17. KrazyKarl

    Brolli Re_revised.... Brolli3

    Once again... I have tweaked him...
  18. Abhorsen

    Help with Logo

    Hey i was making my own logo for half-life, and i made the pic and it comes up in the section when you chose your logo,but when i spray it the pic is just one solid color and its suppose to half like 5, What iam i doing wrong
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    my xmas present to u guys lol

    i just wanted to show this new wp that i made. im loving 3ds max btw if u r a DA member u can comment on it there aswell. my account name is socketto
  20. Mastasurf

    Colored Gohan

    I haven't done anything art wise since the Vegeta skin so I decided to color this gohan image GohanMSX posted a few days back for practice. The Original Colored :0)