1. Growler

    Hosting an east coast ESF server

    ESF died... I wanna revive it by hosting an American east coast server. If I did, who would want to play again just so I can see if it's worth it... Also... I needa talk to someone about hosting That is all.
  2. D

    Canadian West Coast Servers

    By any chance anyone here know about Canadian west coast servers? I can't seem to find one, all the servers I see are ATLEAST 150 latency. The lowest ping I've gotten is 100 =/ Are there any west servers? If not, someone should really make one :)
  3. SS4 Gogeta

    Has anyone ever heard of Coast to Coast am?

    Has anyone ever heard of a late night(depending where u are i guess)talk show called coast to coast am? Iv been listening to it for like 9 1/2 years now and it still interesting as it always was. The original host, Art Bell, has now retired but still hosts on the weekend i think. The current...
  4. M

    Lost Coast

    For all of those who did not know; The Lost Coast has been released. I read that the Lost Coast requires a good machine to run it at full quality since it's requirements seem to be greater than Half-Life 2 itself.
  5. I

    West Coast servers?

    Howdy, I am new as you could see by my post count, but I was wondering why theres not more West coast servers, ive only seen two or three that I ping under 100 to. Maybe ill get one goin if i see enough people askin for it, i realy enjoy this game and wonder why I had never heard of it...
  6. C

    No west coast servers..<_<

    anyone noticed that there isnt many west coast servers up anymore..=_= its a big hassle with me since alot of the sevrers i ping over 100 on..and playing with over 100 ping against a good player is not a good idea...especially when the player pings i was wondering if anyone else had...
  7. X

    Space Ghost - Coast to Coast

    How many of you remember this show? I downloaded like 6 episodes. This thing brings back so much memories... I also have the one where supposedly, before the show was named "Space Ghost - Coast to Coast" they would be using Bird Man, but Bird Man kept screwing up and they renamed the show. I...
  8. A

    Does an East Coast Server Exist?

    will someone tell me if an east server exists?? 1 in canada hopefully... ive been lookin long and hard... i think its time for u all to let me kno where to find the legendary est coast server:laff: plz come thru and let me kno of n e thing.. if u r canadian.. let me kno of the servers u play...
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