1. M

    Japanese Woman Caught Living in Man's Closet, For 1 Year

    Source: That's slightly amusing, it exemplifies the dire measurements humans take to survive. That is a witty women, although I would have caught her probably right after she got in the closet, I mean, doesn't the man ever wear jackets?
  2. broli

    Closet pervert (Naruto)

    well here's a shot...enjoy
  3. Z

    Are you a closet ESF'er?

    The other day we had a friendly clannie between two icafes, and my team was utterly owned :( , but afterwards, a clanmate of mine says to me, its a shame we didnt have an DragonballZ clannie, then at least we could have let Zol beat the crap out of em! (Cue laughter from the *hardcore* cs...
  4. .FM.

    note book art

    yea i got bored in school :S
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