1. Skyrider

    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood :: DS

    Who ever has played this game, or is going to buy it. I would say no, don't. It's far the worst Sonic game ever created in my opinion. <- Looks better ingame (second image). ^ Flash Preview on how it will look and feel. As this flash...
  2. MinioN

    Naruto:Ninja Chronicles HF mod

    I just saw this mod and it looks so cool.I don't know if there is one for Half life 2 for better graphics.And i wanted to ask if anyone know if this mod is released?
  3. Synth

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    I give it a 50/50 chance to not be total fail, based on the cool CGI possibilities.
  4. imkongkong

    resident evil umbrella chronicles short trailer

    looks hawt :o i want this game! edit: more stuff ^^
  5. Kaination

    The DJ-Ready chronicles: A new chapter Updated journal ftw o/ Discussness.
  6. D

    The Chronicles of GTO

    Hey, guys, I was bored, so I decided to write a Great Teacher Onizuka Fanfic. This is my first fanfic, so any helpfull comments would be welcome, so I can continue to improve my work. I would also like to thank Evil_Trunks who helped me spellcheck, thanks alot man! And without further ado here's...
  7. G

    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    The Chronicles of Narnia teaser Even though its disney, it still looks like its gonna be one amazing movie. Based on the classic novel by CS Lewis. Four London children are sent to a professors country home in order for protection during World War II. There they find a magic wardrobe which...
  8. I

    Gunman Chronicles

    Hello I have a question ...........: Can i use GUNMAN chronicles ( BASED on the HALFLIFE engine ) to play this game because else i need to find a original copy in the store of Halflife and that is quite a hard job these days . so is it possible ?? i hope so else i think i...
  9. Ness

    Crystal Chronicles

    I tried a 3D pixelated approach this time, and since MSN was down, and i couldn't play it at the time because related issues....:rolleyes: i made an attempt at a Crystal Chronicles Sig to celecbrate the release of it in the UK ;D whatdya think? (lets see you complain about this one...
  10. G

    Members for Chronicles

    I would like it if you would sign up in mine and Magus's site in the forums. Ths main site is still under construction, but the forums are up. The link is under my Signature. Thank you, - Glenn
  11. Wyatt

    Chrono Fanfic Chronicles

    Beggining part 1 1003 AD: 'Crono Wake up!!....Oooh that man.' Crono:Oh hey Marle whats wrong? Marle: We're late hurry up and get ready!!! Crono sits up on his bed facing Marle Crono: Late for what? Marle:The party my father invited us to dont you remember? And with a...
  12. OneWingedAngel

    FF Chronicles?

    Hmmm... should i get FinalFantasy Chronicles? is it worth it? also any FFVII fans if so.... I just got to airbuster(i beat the game already) but cloud is at level 16 berrets at level 16 and TIFAS at level 15. cloud has bladebeam, berret has grenade bomb and tifa has her first limit. is this...