1. Vegeta's Briefs

    Chobits Sig

    I fooled around with the filters and made some weird background, and Es_Trunks made those grids look cool so I used grids on my sig, not his, but grids. I changed the colors from blue to white because I decided I wanted Chii, not Vegeta...
  2. G

    Wallpaper request

    This is a new request, unlike a model, skin, map, or sig. Im requesting a wallpaper. Now, would some one out of the goodness of their heart please make a Brave Fencer Musashi wallpaper? Without the backround being white or black? And without having pictures of the game in the wallpaper.
  3. Ryoko

    Demonic perception (Wall)

    Well I have not made a wallpaper.. in ages? So I decided to try with disasterous results -.- I uploaded it anyway though, go easy on me :talk:
  4. Loki

    Have you seen Chobits?

    Just to see if any of you have expanded past your pinkie finger, who here has seen Chobits? Chii = :laff: Here is a pic for some of you. Chii!!!!
  5. Loki

    Another Wallpaper Request

    Yah you all know the drill color preferably BLUE This time I want a Chobits wallpaper, those of you who dont know what it is go buy the manga. Oh one more thing im very picky so you should show me the BG before you modify pictures and stuff. Im kinda pointing towards the style in my sigs just...
  6. Loki

    Avatar request

    Um I think dudeman was the last one to make one of these for me, the ones where it flashs inbetween different pics and my name. Well I want one with 2 pics of chi (Chobits) and then my name. It rotates over and over. EDIT*- U'za all lazy
  7. Loki


    So what is your opinion on this anime? Personally I find it funny and a good anime, Chii is always geting into Hikedo's "Magizines" Its funny to me haven't seen all the episodes yet but hope to soon! Here is a pic Chii and Hideki pic