1. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Top 3 ugliest chicks..

    The basic idea: give your top 3 of ugliest chicks in the current showbiz (girls that are called babes, but you don't they're babes..) Mine: 1) Angelina Jolie 2) Stacy Ann Ferguson (Fergie from Black Eyed peas) 3) Madonna *edit* not sure of threads like these are allowed, but since...
  2. P

    Suinaides wallpaper (my anime) (not complete)

    this is a wallpaper for the anime im makin. its not complete but i thought i'd show anyways. some mild crits r accepted if u cant see it copy and paste this
  3. Twilight

    Apolagy For A Friend

    I made this for a friend who I pissed off. Let me know what you think of the artwork and how youd receive it if you were the person its directed to....
  4. B

    ESF League

    Hey The Esf League is Starting Soon Join Fast!!!! Jion League Now :)
  5. R

    DBZ Chicks

    I was just wondering if there are any women who like DBZ, cause I have yet to met more than 1
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    my xmas present to u guys lol

    i just wanted to show this new wp that i made. im loving 3ds max btw if u r a DA member u can comment on it there aswell. my account name is socketto