1. N

    Something to consider in terms of charecter balance

    If we take a look at every charecter, almost all of them have an instant attack. Goku, Cell, and Krillin all have the solar flare. Gohan's got the shield attack. Freiza has the fingerlaser, and Piccolo has the eyelaser. Buu has the candybeam. So, all them aside, Vegeta and Trunks are the...

    Tryforces charecter riku

    i dont like how it cam out the frist time it did it it was kool but now its just suck that wat i think cuz my drawin looks wierd cuz i could do better
  3. S

    Favourit Finalfantasy charecter.?

    Hiya, i was just wondering, who is your all time favourit "Finaly-Fantasy" charecter? mine is cloud from FF7 :D
  4. S

    making models

    what kind of software is needed to make and edit models, and where can i find it?
  5. B

    Who is your faverite esf charecter

    whos your faverite esf charecter mines vegeta hes strong in normal mode with melle and gallitgun as support then he gots bigbang and final flash when he ssjs :D
  6. H

    Plz Help!

    (forgive my bad english :rolleyes: ) K...can someone PLZ tell me how to make a model transparent in Milkshape3D? I just want to make stuff transparent, you make it look or something. PLZ HELP KTHX
  7. Mr. Satans

    Model Request

    If theres anything I have wanted /tried to make since I have playedd DBZ mods, is a model of Mr. Satan. If someone could make a model of him I’d greatly appritiate it! I tried many times but have failed. The only model I could ever make was Mr. Molecule from Earthbound. I would have said more...
  8. Clan DbZ ubuu

    Extra Charecter

    You should make a class that called Extra or w/e. You download teh model pu it into teh folder and when you choose the class you look like the shaded piccolo to others but your yourself to you. He'd Have average of all aspects, and basic attacks. You can also have teh transformed version or...
  9. xstortionist

    my *NEW* custom character I'm working on...

    oh yea u heard right...ever since last night i started working on this model and I finally got a good perspective of where its heading...i wanna share what i have so far.
  10. owa

    Kyoto Beta 2

    Hey, Well I made another sig I'm proud of this one I feel like I reached a new level in my skills but I'm gonna put it to the test with you guys :fight: C&C please!
  11. Ecchi Pr0n

    1 charecter per server

    yah I know DMZ has it but its a good idead I hate walking into a server and theirs 15 vegetas floating at the top of the map nuking the plaace with BB It justs an option server side to use it or not
  12. A

    More Charecters

    Hi i'm new on this forum so i'm not sure if this has been previously posted, but i was thinking about some more charecters. Maybe there could be some of the androids 16 17 18 etc. also just out of curiousity, has the Dragon Mod Z mod shut down for good?? :)
  13. S

    Mapping Suggestion

    Ok... this is very rare of me to ask for help but im stumped... I made an awesome king kais planet map... round and everything! but... I cant figure out how to give the map a center of gravity in the center of the planet... I want this so that you can walk around the planet while Fly Toggle...