1. Deverz

    No champion until further notice

    Due to a bug with the user group there will be no champion until further notice
  2. PiXel

    World Champion Chip - Disscuss thread

    yeh, may some of you as me have some thoughts on the matches wich have been quite in a while, i just watched the match France - Spain , and i must say: It?s one of the best matches i?ve seen with tacticle thouthgs, just awesome, what i really enjoyed: Zidanes goal in the last minutes, im a real...
  3. bapplebo

    Kouya Marino: Crush Gear Champion

    From my favourite anime, stil using my home-made brushes, I bring you Kouya Marino!
  4. Texas

    European Champion 2004: Hellas!!

    Portugal-Greece 0-1 from a Charisteas's Header at the 57'. Incredible. Cant believe it yet!! It would make more sense if someone came out and said "This one was just a farce, the real euro was played somewhere else" Congrats to Portugal too, nice played game :yes: