1. Odin

    Accepting all challenges i figured it would be kinda kool if we all played eachother in chess. I'm signed into the website as 0din, so if anyone wants to sign up and play just send me a challenge
  2. U

    SL Challenges S.W.A.T.

    Well, I read on a thread that if we wished to challenge this "legendary" team, to post in the Off-Topic forum. I also read that if we wish to challenge a clan, to post in the EL forum. But seeing as EL is about dead and a half, I'll post here. ATTN S.W.A.T!! Bring your 3 against my 3...
  3. I

    why wont anyone accept iceman challenges?

    tisk tisk... hard to get a simple battle around here *lays on his back in the grass and throws a rock in the air and catches with one hand and repeats*
  4. Deverz

    Cucumba, Deverz challenges you

    Battle of the titans Admin vs Admin For the mod championship :devgrin: Bring it old man
  5. CM

    Graphics/Artwork Battle!

    This is an open challenge. its very common in other forums, and now im bringing it here. heres the drill. Someone accepts my challenge, and we have a GFX (graphics battle). now if you want to battle me, reply saying i accept, then after that, someone voulenteers to be the judge by responding...
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