1. Synth

    Tornado strikes CNN Center

    Everyone down here is freaking out... there is debri covering like 5 square blocks of downtown Atlanta. The letter 'C' was ripped off so it just says 'NN' It's some scary symbolism, if you consider it. When tornadoes come down in major cities, it's usually an insane mess. I almost went...
  2. Ravendust

    XP: Media Center Edition '05 vs. Professional SP2

    It's come to the point after four years that my family are giving the old computer to charity and buying a brand new machine. We're getting a fairly good deal, but there's one thing holding me back from giving it the all-clear, which is that it comes with a choice of OS's. Windows XP Media...
  3. Skyrider

    Another Change in the Mod Center

    After allot of thinking, i think i will drop the new "Mod Profile" Website and leave it to the original Mod Center with of course changes. I know this is all complicated, but i think it is for the best. This way i can create Documents / Profiles much faster...
  4. Skyrider

    HL2files Mod Center Will Be Enhanced!

    Yesterday, i got my own domain at, which will incredible enhance the Mod Profile Center allot. Check the news i've posted with all the info:;24481 As you can see on , you will see the original ESF Mod Profile i...
  5. Skyrider

    Need Some Opinions on the Profile Center

    lately, i've been thinking of adding Scripts (JavaScripts & DHTML) on the Mod Profile Center on, but i'm not sure what exactly, perhaps you people have an idea of what i should add? Anything would be helpful, as long its something with a use. Not things like a clock, calender, etc...
  6. K

    Windows XP Media Center

    Well, i got Windows XP Media Center 2005 edition, but im afraid to install it cause i got a dutch version of it O_o i was wondering if i install it will i beable to change the language of it after words?
  7. Enix

    post your gaming center

    i got the idea from QuickSurfer. so if you got a gaming center post a pic:D
  8. B0Bmaster40000

    decomposing demon

    ive just been playing around with psp, trying to go for a dark/evil theme. This is what i made so far. - Demon model made in 3dsmax with use of creature creating software - Everything else (texturing, colouring etc...)done in psp by me tell me what you think, what i could improve, and any...
  9. B

    since making a female base-model is "in"

    MORE PICS HERE first 3d studio max model, following the joan of arc tutorial
  10. Skinnerfool


    man i bored i'll skin or do reskin but its will be in bmps form so u have to put the skin ur self in halflife viewer so i'll do skin requests
  11. K

    Assistance w/ New Krillin Model

    I'm trying to place a new krillin model in my ESF, because I like krillin's attacks but don't like krillin. My only problem is the destructo disk always appears right in the middle of the model(instead of a few inches above his hand). I downloaded a Goten model, who is smaller the krillin and...
  12. SSJ4_Cell

    New Destructo Disk Sprite!

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>Hi, I've made a new Destructo Disk, credits go to ESF Team for sprites and shijing for the thread on how to make a sprite. Take a look, click here:).</TABLE> <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>You like it? Crits please and...
  13. Optional

    a map...

    well, i got bored so i made sands! i deleted the rock area cause it look odd adding ruins and an underground tomb... what you guys think?
  14. S


    Hi, its about 2 am right now, and I gotta get some sleep. Anyway, the original drawing was massacred during my CG, so im afraid I wont be getting to post that. Ive spent about 2 hours on it so far, and I am very far from completion, but I wanted to get some crits so far. C&C Welcome...
  15. Ryoko

    Sig (crit me!)

    Yeah there they be. First sig since thread shut down! Crit me!
  16. M

    new bg i made

    I know im not as good as some of u guys, but how do u like it?
  17. S

    Infinity Streak

    Alright, I just finished my layout :D I need some opinions so I'm posting it here ;) The link is [This is considered Artwork because I'm not showing off the code or anything I'm showing you what I did in photoshop ;).. Oh and I thank The_Stinger for coding my...
  18. USJTrunks

    Wallpaper : Silent Intensity

    Wow, it's a wallpaper!
  19. S

    First Background Ever Made BY Me

    What do you think? If you like it I jsut want to tell you that I will be putting more wallpapers at....
  20. S

    Mapping Suggestion

    Ok... this is very rare of me to ask for help but im stumped... I made an awesome king kais planet map... round and everything! but... I cant figure out how to give the map a center of gravity in the center of the planet... I want this so that you can walk around the planet while Fly Toggle...